July 24, 2021

The Wonders of Coconut Oil

We love coconut oil around this house! I recently had another success using coconut oil as a diaper rash cure when nothing else would work – and I mean NOTHING! I thought I would share some other ways that coconut oil is a great home remedy.

For many years, coconut oil and other tropical oils have gotten a terribly bad reputation due to many different factors. Some of the studies were done with hydrogenated coconut oil. We know that hydrogenation removes most of the nutritional value, including any essential fatty acids. This, in turn, caused bad outcomes in many studies.

In order to refute these bad findings, more studies have been done to show the effectiveness of coconut oil on many ailments and diseases. Cancer, high cholesterol, and heart disease have all shown to respond very well to treatment with coconut oil. Rather than detail all the studies that have been done here or the higher level diseases that coconut oil is good for, I would really like to get into the nitty gritty of how coconut oil can be used to help you at home on a day to day basis.

Body Oil

Coconut oil absorbs very quickly into the skin when you rub in little at a time. It is a fantastic moisturizer and leaves your skin healthy and your pores open – not clogged with unnatural chemicals. If you want the oil to smell a little more like perfume, it is also a great essential oil carrier.

Diaper Rash Ointment

This is the home remedy I mentioned above. My younger daughter had a pretty bad case of diaper rash and I used a few different things that I had and bought some new stuff at the store and nothing worked. I finally remembered the coconut oil after the skin was broken and bleeding a little. Within 24 hours of using coconut oil there was no more cracking and most of the redness was gone. I used it three days total and her skin looked healthy and perfect.


The best way to employ the sunscreen benefits from coconut oil is to take it internally, from 2 to 3 tablespoons per day. You will get a natural sun defense that never wears off in the water! You can also apply it 30 minutes before going into the sun and reapply regularly to see benefits. I will say that it takes a little more work than the store-bought stuff because you have to remember to keep reapplying. It just depends on how much you want to stay away from the chemicals in regular sunscreen.

Metabolism Boost.

“Research shows that the medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil boosts the body’s metabolism, raises body temperatures, and helps provide greater energy which can lead to weight loss.” I experienced this benefit first hand while I was pregnant with my daughter. I took 2 tablespoons of coconut oil every morning and only gained 25 pounds during the entire pregnancy. I had more energy than my previous pregnancies and really felt great.


I haven’t had first hand experience with this issue, but I’ve seen reports of people having success with treating fungal infections on their skin with coconut oil.


This is a homemade salve that helps with a number of issues such as coughs when rubbed on the chest, sinus infections when rubbed inside the nose, and so much more. It is a combination of coconut oil, olive oil and crushed garlic and, boy, does it work wonders when the kids are sick. We put it on chests, feet, noses, and the house smells like a real Italian restaurant!


This is another area that I haven’t had personal experience with but in one of the forums I visit frequently, I have read about people using this and vinegar to keep the smell away.

Immune Boost

“Virgin Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a nutrient that supports the body’s immune system.”

Carb Craving Suppressor

I am amazed at how well coconut oil works in this regard. When I am not pregnant, I crave carbs. When I am pregnant, I REALLY crave carbs. Not so with Baby #4. I took coconut oil everyday – not only did I not crave the stuff I usually craved, but I ate less than normal and felt full more quickly during meals.

Bath Salt

I love to use bath salts! It is wonderfully invigorating to rub on and leaves your skin oh-so-soft! I just mix dead sea salts with some coconut oil and some essential oils without measuring. Stir it up and make sure the consistency is what I want and put it next to the shower.

There are so many uses for coconut oil, I am amazed at how much I have learned about it over that last few years. By far, the most important thing I use it for is metabolism boost and carb craving suppressor. Once I get the container for my blender, I can start taking the coconut oil in my smoothies again!

Do you have any success stories with coconut oil? I’d be so excited to learn more about this wonderful oil.

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