July 24, 2021


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This blog is primarily going to be focused around my journey towards losing the “Baby Weight.”

The truth is that my weight problems didn’t begin with my latest pregnancy. Nope! In fact, I have a history of weight issues. Yeah, I bet you are already thinking, “Who doesn’t?”

I believe that I should explain… My history really begins with my childhood and the ailment that has continually haunted me throughout my life…I have severe Asthma. During my childhood at around 7 or 8 I was put on steroids to help me breathe. The medication really messed up my metabolism and I went from being a normal child to having a weight problem. I continually gained a little weight every year and was usually considered “chubby,” and not really “FAT.” At around 15 or so, I was really fed up with feeling like the ugly duckling. Coupled with the fact that I was boy crazy; the extra weight wasn’t really conducive to getting said boys. I approached my parents to let me join a weight loss program. I begged to join Jenny Craig, but my Father insisted that those weight loss programs were for the uneducated masses and believed that I was too intelligent to waste my money on such programs. Instead he let me borrow a nutrition book about 4” thick. It was soooo boring, but I read it and began to deduce my nutritional plan. I began on my quest, and since that was about 16 years ago, I really don’t remember how I started. All I really remember is that iron clad determination that fueled my every minute. I was, “Destined to be skinny,” as I used to write in my journals…hahaha!

After 4 months or so, I had lost the 40+ lbs. I was toting around. I guess I really was FAT, but I believe that since I’m an hour glass shape, I probably really “wore the weight well,” because really, 40 lbs. is about the size of two Thanksgiving turkeys. Visualize that one!

So where was I? Oh yeah, I was 16 and skinny!


Or so I thought…

At that point in my life I really didn’t know who I was just yet. I was a kid still and VERY sheltered by my parents. What I did know is that “being skinny” was no longer enough. I wanted to be BUFF! I began lifting weights in my bedroom every night and doing 1,000 sit-ups DAILY. (Hahaha! I just giggled when I typed that. I was so naïve, but so determined!) Back then, there really weren’t too many fitness magazines for women. Most of the magazines were geared towards male body builders. I remember the first body building woman that really made an impression on me was Cory Everson. Albeit, to me, she was too bulky, but I admired her tenacity. It was something about the motivation and determination that made me REALLY appreciate body builders. Although I wasn’t aware of figure competitions back then, I did know that I wanted to look somewhere between “skinny” and Cory Everson. Now that I’m older and The Internet has since blossomed into this HUGE well of information, I now know that I wanted to look like a figure competitor even back then.

I continued to workout all the time through college, but I was always just maintaining what I already had and never really pushing the envelope. Once I graduated from college, my college boyfriend of 3.5 years broke my heart. Yes, it’s a cliché kind of a thing. He broke my heart and I didn’t care about myself anymore. I ate whenever and whatever and stopped exercising all together. Needless to say, I gained about 30 lbs.
At this time, I healed and I got over the college boyfriend and met my soon-to-be-but-not-known-to-me-to-be husband. He loved me as a FAT ass…hahaha! No, he actually just loved me. He loved me for who I was and not how I looked…yet again, so cliché. So we got married about a year and a half after we met and I lost a little weight but it was less than 10lbs and not noticeable.

About a year later, I woke up one random day and decided that I didn’t want to carry around the 23 lbs. that had remained after the heart break, so I began again to do what I did best. I counted calories and exercised. This time though, my good old friend The Internet had advanced so much and had become my primary source of guidance.

During this time the message I continually read was, “Lift Heavy!” So I began to think, “Hey, maybe I should lift heavy!?!?!” I began as a weakling, only lifting 8 lbs. max. I was so weak, but over time I became really strong. I began seeking more efficient movements and lifting techniques to minimize my time working out. [[Pause! I think it is important for me to state that I have always been motivated enough to workout at home and prefer it over the gym. The gym is just loaded with germs and other people’s ass sweat 🙂 ]] I primarily worked out to Home DVD fitness instructors. Primarily Cathe Friedrich [She’s my hero.] After about 6 months I had lost another 32 lbs. Yes, you read right, I had gone down to my all time lowest weight of 112 lbs. I was tiny, but I wasn’t “skinny.” I was a buff, compact and tight BABE! I was also addicted to lifting weights. I LOVE/LOVED IT!

I continued this for two years before I got pregnant. During my pregnancy I worked out but not as much as I should have. I was just always REALLY tired. I worked full-time until 8 days before I had my son and I only left my job because I had the worst carpal tunnel from all the swelling during my pregnancy. Once I had my son I quickly lost 30 lbs., but still carry around the final 20 lbs. Yes, I gained 50lbs with my son. I don’t even know why, because I was always eating okay. I have a feeling that it’s because I didn’t exercise enough.

So that leaves us up to date with the here and now…

I am overweight. I have a burning desire to get back into the swing of weight lifting heavily, but I have limited time. This latest endeavor of mine is going to take A LOT of determination, will, sacrifice and just plain effort to get to where I want to be.

The issue right now is that I’ve been carrying around this extra weight for almost 2 years and it’s really taken a toll on my self-worth. I wouldn’t say self-esteem, because really in our FAT society, I’m not all that bad and I know it. I am saying self-worth because really it comes down to me and knowing EXACTLY what I am capable of and knowing EXACTLY that I am only where I am at because I’ve been resting on my laurels and I really need to just give myself a kick in the ass and get to it.

So yeah, this blog is about that huge kick in the ass that I am giving myself to lose the “Baby Weight.”